“ONETHOUSANDandONE ways” so support us:

Find out how to become VIDES-ACTIVIST:


Add VIDES to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, share our posts and involve your friends so they may also be won over by VIDES and its projects. With a few clicks you will spread the news of our activities and the work of our missions in aid of many women, young people, children facing difficulty and hardship.

If you have the chance, you can organize small awareness or fundraising initiatives among your friends, family and acquaintances… imagination has no limits! In complete autonomy, you can invent real “solidarity ideas” supporting VIDES: a theme night, a solidarity dinner, an exhibition, a show or a sports event dedicated to VIDES, allocating the proceeds to one of our projects.

Don’t forget special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries and ceremonies can become a way to help us! Discover our solidarity cards and scrolls!

For further information please write to ufficiostampa@videsitalia.it