VIDES, through the project implemented in Senegal and in Gambia, intensifies its participation in the campaign promoted by the Italian Bishops’ Conference (http://liberidipartireliberidirestare.it) with an intervention that aims to contribute to raise in the population of the dioceses involved ( and especially among those aspiring to emigrate, with special attention to minors) awareness about the risks deriving from the insertion into irregular migration paths and human trafficking, as well as about training opportunities, existing regular jobs and development in the target countries and outside West Africa, through regular migration channels.

Countries: Senegal (Dioceses of Kolda and Ziguinchor) and Gambia (Diocese of Banjul)

Funding Authorities: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana – CEI

Field: Fight against human trafficking

Local partners: Conferenza Episcopale del Mali, Salesiani di Don Bosco del Nigeria

Expected results for the period 2019/2020:

To strengthen the system of promotion of rights and prevention of the involvement of the population at risk of migration at national and regional level, through networking between public and private actors involved in the fight against human trafficking.

To raise in the local population, especially those at the highest risk of emigration, their knowledge and understanding about the dynamics of human trafficking and the exploitation of illegal migration.

Direct beneficiaries: About 1,550,000 people in Senegal and 1,800,000 in Gambia, with a focus on young people from 6 to 24 years.

Indirect beneficiaries: The entire population of Senegal and Gambia will find in this program a concrete prevention initiative to their involvement in human trafficking, but also to socio-economic development of the country.