VIDES, through two projects, one in Mali and the other in Nigeria, participates in the campaign promoted by the Conferenza Episcopale Italiana ( with two interventions which aim to reduce irregular migratory flows, to prevent the involvement of minors and increase information on the modes provided through regular channels. Through an adequate and broadened awareness, we intend to supply the population with realistic news on Europe and the risks of a trip towards its coasts, along with precise information on the possibilities of life and of development in other African countries. So leaving may not be the only choice.

Countries: Mali and Nigeria

Funding Authorities: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana – CEI

Sector: Fight against human trafficking

Local partner: Conferenza Episcopale del Mali, Salesians of Don Bosco of Nigeria

Predicted results for the period 2018/2019:

– On a national and regional level, reinforced the system for the promotion of rights and prevention of the involvement of the population at risk of migrating, through actions of networking between public and private participants involved in the fight against human trafficking.

– Increased in the local population, especially amongst youth and minors at the highest risk of emigrating, acknowledgment and understanding of the dynamics of human trafficking and of the exploitation of clandestine migration

– Increased relative knowledge about the possibility of migrating regularly in the local population

Direct beneficiaries:

About 12.323.944 people in Mali and 1.037.910 people in Nigeria, with particular attention to minors and youth around school age

Indirect beneficiaries:

Entire population of Mali and of Nigeria that will be able to find in this program a sound initiative of prevention of the involvement in human trafficking, but also of socio-economic development of the country.